Friday, 21 October 2011

Gibraltar Bus Service Changes

So, the buses are no longer a free-for-all for non-paying tourists and their tour operators. Good news. To celebrate (and because i'm lazy) as I emerged from a meeting in Europort this morning I was walking to the office when the bus came round the McDonald's roundabout en route to market place. Legged it and got on it.  Loved it.

I don't know if I'll ever relinquish the pleasure of having my moped take me anywhere in Gib within a few minutes, sweat and stress free but, this week's actually been really enjoyable without my moped. I'm now jumping on and off my bike far more proficiently than I was used to and I've started fine tuning my use of the locks, my helmet and trouser clip.

I might be tempted to carry on doing this and will likely, when inclement weather arrives, take to walking or bussing versus moped or bicycle. Let's see. For now though, i've uploaded the press release re the bus service as well as the new routes (which you can download for your mobile devices for when you're on the run) for all to see.

Have a good friday...